Infiniti Wants You to Understand Why All the Cars Are Called "Q" Now (Video)

Earlier this year, Infiniti switched it's naming scheme so that all of its cars are called either Q[number] or QX[number]. A lot of people thought it was pretty odd, and I even had a conversation with a friend who was considering "an Infiniti QX" in which I never figured out which car she meant. 

There were reasons for Infiniti's naming change-up, however. At the time, Infiniti said that the reason for the change was that the model names didn't make anybody think "Infiniti" and that "Q" was a largely unused number that would be possible to trademark. Now the company is explaining once more that Q is for cars and QX is for SUVs, and explaining for the first time that the Q is an homage to Infiniti's first car, the Q45.

Honestly, we think this new appeal to heritage is an after the fact attempt to give some more credibility to the names.

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