NYC Police Officer Pimps His Ride

NYC Police Officer Pimps His Ride

Cops aren't usually known for their sense of humor. They're better at spoiling our fun because, apparently, wanting to catch a touchdown on your college's football field isn't a valid excuse for trespassing. Or so I've heard...

This NYPD officer, however, is hilarious. A Reddit user pulled up next to a cop whose car had a slight alteration. The "p" in "Impala" was moved to the front of the word to spell "Pimpala." Now, it's possible that a prankster made the switch and the cop is completely oblivious. But that's no fun. The idea of a strong-handed pimp/cop is much cooler. His superiors, if they found out, probably won't agree. 

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[via Jalopnik]

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