10 Ways in Which Owning a Car is Like Having a Girlfriend

You need to put some money into her (and you should know how much before you commit).

We all know that both a girlfriend and a car come with certain financial obligations; dates and the occasional gifts are for the girl and gas, oil, and general maintenance for the car, but surprisingly few people stop to think about how much either will cost before committing. 

The cute girl from Philosophy 101 in college who just wants to hang out on campus and go home and watch a movie is like a Honda Fit; you're not going to have to put a lot of money in to keep everything in working order. On the other hand, that girl you met at the bar after her fifth $14.50 frozen strawberry passionfruit daiquiri is more like a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution; it might be a ton of fun, but if you don't get that oil changed every other time you blink, the whole thing might just blow up in your face.

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