Manning a parking lot in a city isn't the run-of-the-mill parking job, especially when that city is located in Manhattan. The people that can afford to front cash for a full day to park in town are usually loaded, and the cars they drive reflect that. We're highlighting the auto impressions that take place each month by asking about the coolest cars that have the lots this month: Today's stop? Fran Parking Corp. on 6 East 20st Street

Back in the Dominican Republic, Dieter Rivera, the attendant we spoke to, was a street racer. He had a suped-up Acura Integra and would drag race, hit the tracks, and constantly work on his car. Unfortunately, when the economy in Santo Domingo took a turn for the worse, Rivera lost his job. He subsequently made the decision to come to New York with his family to pursue a better life. Upon his arrival, he found a job that could keep him around his passion of cars, applying for the position at Fran Parking. He was hired on the spot. 

Now driving a 2006 Honda Accord and working six days a week, Rivera doesn't get to do the street racing he loves, but he's still able to drive some pretty nice cars. We asked him what has rolled through in the past month. Here's what impressed him: 

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