10 Women Who Know More About Cars Than You

Inessa Tushkanova

Known For: Rally Drive and Playboy Model Crossover

No, these pictures aren't just of some race-themed modeling shoot. Inessa does model, but she's not an imitation rally driver. She actually does it, and she's pretty good too. She won a few Russian races two years ago, and now she's driving for PrintSport Racing in the Finnish Rally Championship. Like we said, she does model, and well, she's kind of already won the championship of modelling, posing for Russian, Lithuanian, and Ukranian editions of Playboy. Her reasoning? "Nobody likes women in racing sport, which is traditionally dominated by men, because it's easier for us to attract sponsors," she said. "This magazine is prestigious enough and helps with PR." Truth bombs all in your face. When she's not driving her Mitsubishi Evo IX rally car, she's got a Subaru wagon, a pair of Mitsubishi Evos and a BMW M6 at home. All that, and she'll just be turning 26 in July.

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