The 25 Worst Cars for Sale on eBay Right Now

1. 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

Location: Hollywood, Florida
Current Bid: No current bid; Buy It Now price is $3000

Lambo doors are so played out, we can't even remember the last time they were cool. (Were they ever cool on anything that wasn't an actual Lambo?) And 24-inch rims might look good on an SUV, but on a Grand Prix? We like a sporty ride, but not when it feels like you're jamming a spiked cricket bat against your spine every time you hit a pothole. Also, don't get us started on those tacky stick-on chrome vents. And WTF is up with the side skirts falling off and lying all over the driveway under the car? At least use a little double-sided tape for your sale photos. Ugh.

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