The 25 Worst Cars for Sale on eBay Right Now

2. 1999 Saturn SL2

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Current Bid: No current bid; starting bid is $1000

Let's get this straight. Car is a salvage title, burns oil, needs an O2 sensor, has had the sunroof sealed shut with silicone to "fix" a leak, has 2 new tires (not 4, so clearly they're not wearing evenly), and is from the boring and shitty era of Saturn -- prior to their more interesting last-ditch efforts to save the company. Yet, this seller is asking for a starting bid of $1000. Do we even need to remind you that old-school Saturns like this featured body panels made of PLASTIC as a selling point? $1000. Salvage title. Lots of repairs needed. Sure, dude. Sure.

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