Lindsay Lohan's Most Infamous Car Moments

Hit-and-Run #2

Date: March 14, 2012

Looking back on the the last year in Lindsay, this early spring incident was a mere dry run for the real automobile nightmares to come, a harbinger that the actress, who had gone a decent while without any auto-accidents, was about to resume past bad behavior. Nevertheless, reports say that she accidentally grazed the 26 year-old manager of a nearby hookah lounge while backing her Porsche out of a parking lot in front of a Sayers club.

Dude reportedly got right back up and back to business, so no big deal, right? Well it wouldn't be, except that instead of stopping to even poke her head out of the window and see if he was alright, Linds peeled off and even allegedly exchanged seats with her passenger before talking to cops. Which wouldn't be the last time she tried to pull that particular bait-and-switch...

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