All the Details of the New Corvette

All the Details of the New Corvette

There's so much good info on what will make the next gen Corvette kick ass, that we have to give it to you in bullet format:

  • Due to extensive use of aluminum and carbon fiber, the new Corvette will weigh less than 3,000lbs.
  • Expect 450 or more horsepower from the new V8, called LT1.
  • Combined fuel economy will be, astoundingly, in the low to mid 20s.
  • It will come with a seven-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic. 
  • Expect lots of premium leather, a large touch screen, and a suede steering wheel on the inside.
  • It won't cost more than $55,000.

Are you excited yet?

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[via Car & Driver]

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