Interview: A$AP Ty Y Talks the "Bike Life," the Dangers of Riding, and His Involvement With the A$AP Mob

Interview: A$AP Ty Y Talks the "Bike Life," the Dangers of Riding, and His Involvement With the A$AP Mob

On a lighter note, everybody’s watching those videos with you on the bike pretty much vertical doing the wheelies. What are a couple secrets to keeping the bike stable like that and not flipping back?

I would say bike control and you gotta have a form of balance . Thats the key thing, balance; sense of weight shifting and all sorts of that matter. Its pretty much balance and techniques you gotta know certain techniques, you know what I’m sayin? To be one of the greatest out there you gotta do things for your advantage that can help you. I could tell somebody the same thing I’m doin’ but it might not work for them. Its certain things I could do that just work for me to make me perfect what I do. I mean I can teach people, I can definitely teach somebody but thats pretty much it...

What’s it like when you’re on the highway inches from the ground going that fast next to all those cars that don’t know what hell you’re doin’ or where you’re goin?

[Laughs] Its exciting, an adrenaline rush. It’s very exciting. It’s thrill seeking, it’s no fear. I’m not scared, I guess Im in the motion I got my own song playin’ in my head, im just rollin’ just in my own little mode.

So nothing scares you on the road?

Nah, maybe a couple trucks or somethin’ but other than that...

Have you ever gone under trucks?

Nahh, never tried that shit unless we set it up. (He laughs) I’m not doin’ that in no street, I’d have to sign some papers!

I was waiting for you to ramp of some cars or something like that...

Oh man, I’ll definitely save that for somethin’ like that [the Fast and the Furious]

Did you dub yourself the “black Travis Pastrana?"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m runnin with that...

Is that someone that you look up to?

Yeah, that’s someone I looked up to. That's someone I looked up to since, like I said I was ridin’ for so long back then when i was younger he was one of the names that I was hearin’ a lot and was doin’ whatever he was doin’ and I was just fascinated by that before i could actually by one that was one of the people I was seein’ on T.V. that was just always doin’ somethin’ crazy you know what im sayin, he was just makin it happen.

Have you ever thought about you know guys are bike life but have you ever thought about doing rallying or cars?

Of course, I’m a thrill seeker, I already thought about half the things you probly got on your mind right now, if I could jump out this building and be okay I’d do it...seriously, I’m just like that, won’t even think, you ain’t gotta tell me what floor we on...

Do you have a relationship with Meek Mill at all?

What kind of a relationship?

I mean, he’s really into bikes as well...

I never met him personally but we be around some of the same people somewhat as far as this Bike Life thing is big but I never personally met him.

Is that something you’re maybe hoping to do sometime just because you guys have the same interests?

I’m not necessarily hoping to like meet him, but if we come across each other that’ll definitely be somethin’ we can make positive, make somethin happen, we can line somethin up we got the same interests you know that could work...

Anything to add or anything you would like people to know about you and your movement?

I guess they’ll just wait and see I’m so spontaneous. There’s nothin’ specific I can tell you or tell anybody; you’ll never know could be the next day, week, a couple months...Just always expect somethin’ it’s gon’ always be somethin’ I will always be givin’ you somethin’ to see...

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