When it comes to classic cars, there are pretty much four types that remain: You have the amazing spotless rides that have 267 miles on them, you have the junker barn finds with corn growing out of the radio, you have quetionably put together "restoration" projects from individual people, and you have professionally restored masterpieces from companies like Classic Recreations. Each of Classic Recreations' Shelby G.T.500CR Convertibles are hand built from a 1967 or 1968 Mustang base, using media blasting, sheet metal replacement and show-winning paint and body

All models have authentic Shelby Performance Parts, rack and pinion steering, race-inspired suspension,  and oversized disc brakes. You can get two engine options: a 545 model 427 with 545 horsepower or a 900S 427 with 770 horsepower. We think we'd take the latter. 

[via Classic Recreations]

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