When we spoke to Rolls-Royce's head of leather Andrew Monachan, he told us there is nothing Rolls-Royce won't try to incorporate into the interior of the world-famous luxury sedans. The company lets its buyers pick and challenge what is possible. At the moment of asking, Monachan couldn't think of a single thing that he and his team had been unable to complete. We're not sure whether or not this person asked Rolls-Royce first, but Carlex Design has put out a design exclusive to this one car. 

The "Ghost Save the Queen" is based on the British national anthem and is painted in a green used to cover British racing cars at the beginning of the 20th century. The interior uses ostrich and kangaroo leather and has woolen rugs of pile over one inch long. The project took a total of two months to complete and is truly a piece of art. 

[via Carlex Design]

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