When he's not busy being Johnny Blaze or working on other films, Nicolas Cage is an avowed automotive enthusiast. Cars? Check. Bikes? Check. Jets and yachts? Check. Representatives of all these groups have graced his personal collection at one time or another. Unfortunately, Cage owed some pretty serious back taxes to the IRS back in 2009, so most (if not all) of these are no longer in his collection. Still, we'd like to think a little setback like that can't keep a true gear head down, and we have history on our side. Prior to receiving his giant tax bill, Cage reportedly liked to sell vehicles out of his collection, just so he could buy other vehicles to add to it. We'd like to think that selling off all those vehicles to pay his bills just made a bunch of room in his garage for when he has the bank to fill it again.

One thing is evident: Cage apparently has a thing for classic, rare Italian sports cars--particularly Ferraris. As for bikes, we hear he's apparently a Moto Guzzi man. Don't tell Ghost Rider, the latest installment of which--Spirit of Vengeance--opens in theaters tomorrow.

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