You can thank Queen Elizabeth II for the birth of one of your favorite all-time toys. Back in 1953, the British toy company Lesney Products unveiled a miniature model of Her Majesty's coronation coach to the masses—and it was an absolute hit. A couple months later, one of the company's co-founders made an even smaller version of that miniature model for his daughter, because she was allowed to bring only toys with her to school that fit inside of—you guessed it—a matchbox. Thus, the Matchbox brand was officially born.

Since then—in spite of some serious competition from Hot Wheels—there have been thousands of different Matchbox cars produced and sold. And at around this time every year, millions of little boys (and even some little girls) include Matchbox cars on their Christmas wish lists. So with that in mind, we put together a list of 50 classic Matchbox cars. All hail the Queen! Because without her, these cool car creations wouldn't have been possible.

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