The L.A. Auto Show--one of the biggest of its kind in the world each year--isn't all about the cars. It's also about the "booth candy," the pretty girls, the models employed by the car companies to dress up those cars. Over the years, the car girl style has evolved from prom queen, to party girl, and now to classy "automotive representative." But the song remains the same. If you put a beautiful girl in front of a car, a guy tends to get easy with his wallet, imagining that he'll drive away with her. We wish it was that easy. Continuing with the fantasy, we give you the fruits of our recent coastal labor, the 50 Hottest Girls At The 2011 L.A. Auto Show. The show runs until Nov. 27, and it's open to the public. Pop in and say hello to the girls. Tell them Complex Rides sent you.

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