Fincantieri Builds The World's Largest Yachts

Fincantieri  Builds The World's Largest Yachts

After Fincantieri's completion of the world's 9th largest yacht, the Serene mega-yacht, Italy's largest yachtmaker has seemingly conquered a new landmark. Fincantieri ambitiously the construction of the biggest yacht in the world. Their latest venture is called the Fortissimo and has a hull that measures 476ft in length. While the cruising speed is 18knots, the behemoth boat is being designed to be fast for its size with a max speed of 35knots. The watercraft design weighing in at 7000 tons.The ship is powered by propulsion diesel engines with help from 4 much nedded water-jets. The yacht has room to accomodate 8 guests and 48 crew members. A sister yacht, the Virage 88, is also on the way but is currently only in the concept stage.

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