Backseat Episodes: Jim Jones Gets Action In the Back Of The Ac

Backseat Episodes: Jim Jones Gets Action In the Back Of The Ac

Everybody loves sex and cars. So asking celebrities to tell us about a time that they had sex in a car seems like a no-brainer (even if their stories aren't.) We're warning you, these stories are NSFW...

As Told To Toshitaka Kondo

"We were at the Roxy Nightclub on 18th street between Riverside and 10th avenue if I'm not mistaken. It was like three or four [in the morning]. That's when the Roxy was bangin'. The objective was to go to the club, set up, and find something to slide up out of there. That night though I was only there to try to squeeze something from the club let out. That's what we call parking lot pimpin'. If you ask some people what went down in there, you'd be able to understand why I was outside. '96, '97, we had fun back in them days, man. You could find all of the biggest hustlers, biggest stars, and the prettiest women in New York City over there. I was still young, dumb, and a little bit of naive. I had the green '96 Acura Legend Coupe. We had just started doing music, were in videos, and my name was getting big. It worked in my favor let's just say.

"I had ended up getting a chick from the Roxy and convinced her to do me a favor. [Laughs.] I was over on the side blocks. I didn't even see the cop, that's the funny thing. I just remember the police tapping on my window and trying to lean on her head like it was the middle console! [Laughs.] You gotta act fast or they take your ass to jail. I had tints on the whip so I don't know if it was a coincidence because of where I was parked at or if he could actually see the action. Actually the cops fucked my nut up. I cracked the window, she straightened up, they told me I was parked illegally, and then I gave them my license and registration. After that I definitely ain't take her home. I put her in the cab because a yellow cab and 40 dollars will usually get you anywhere in New York."

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