The late, great James Dean once said that “Being a good actor is hard.” This is about as much of an understatement as it is to say that it’s difficult to make it as an actor—according to the Actor’s Equity Association, the unemployment rate for actors in the United States was about 58 percent in 2016. That figure is just those who are represented by the theatrical union, and it doesn’t include SAG-AFTRA or unrepresented actors. The fact that any actor becomes successful is something of a little miracle, but it’s made more astonishing with those who can’t act very well. 

With the possible exception of your stars like Meryl Streeps and Daniel Day-Lewises of the world, it's safe to say that pretty much every good actor in the world has given a bad performance in their life. it might have been bad direction, it might have been something they ate that day, but every actor is entitled to phone in their characters in every once in a while in between greater roles and better performances. However, there are a select number of actors who have demonstrated that they transcend awful to such a serious degree, either in one single travesty of a performance or a dozen, that it qualifies them as the worst in the history of cinema.

These actors and actresses come from different backgrounds, training, and experience. But whether they’re a Hall of Fame basketball player, the European mastermind of the world’s worst film, an Oscar winner who makes bad decisions, or a businessman who's as bad an actor as he is a president, these performers are united in the sheer magnitude of their terrible, unwatchable work. These are the worst actors in Hollywood history.