Director: Lars von Trier

Antichrist is not the type of movie you want to watch right before you go to sleep; or before you eat; or before you do anything, really. It’s not just that there is a little gore here and there; it’s that the movie is so overwhelmingly disturbing in every aspect of life that you will have no safe haven to turn to once it is over.

Focusing on a married couple looking to come to terms with the death of their son by retreating into the wilderness for some much-needed therapy, Antichrist is a cornucopia of gruesome scenes that make you realize that every dollar of profit from this movie probably went towards paying off director Lars von Trier’s therapy bills.

Put it this way: One of the tamer scenes involves Willem Dafoe stumbling upon a deer with a half-birthed fetus hanging out of its womb. But von Trier doesn’t stop there; he then bludgeons us with so much genital mutilation that it’s almost impossible not to feel some sympathy pains along the way.