Topic: Architecture, Design, Education
Where To Find It: 99% Invisible

Every day of our lives, we walk through the world more or less in oblivion. We wake up, drive to work, grab some dinner, and do it all over again—most of the time totally focused on our own things, ignoring the intricacies of the things around us. It's an amazing world we live, we're just too busy to realize it. That's why we need 99% Invisible

Roman Mars' podcast is a collection of tiny, 15- to 20-minute episodes that takes an in-depth look at the design and architecture of the oft-glossed-over things in the world. The topics are wide-spanning, with the only criterion being that the subject must be "invisible." One episode will be about the science of naming, the molecular level on which companies brand themselves, and then the next will be about U.T.B.A.P.H.s—stores that Used To Be A Pizza Hut. The pods are endlessly interesting, and are rarely on things you know everything about. Life moves fast these days—there's no way around that—but at least 99% Invisible is here to help us see the inner workings of the world we live in.