Most Oscar speeches are well-prepared, clean soundbites. Tell them you're honored to be chosen from a field of deserving nominees, name check the producer, your co-star, God and/or Harvey Weinstein, and get the hell out of there. Over the years this method has proven the wisest course of action.

When actors no longer have writers to fill their mouths with words and they go off script, things get strange. The Oscar podium has been home to outlandish scenes over the years: political grandstanding, ballooning egos, and even one-armed push-ups.

Though Matthew McConaughey isn't in the field this year to provide guaranteed entertainment, there's always hope that Reese Witherspoon or Ed Norton could provide an awkward, uncomfortable, and/or hilarious speech for the ages.

While we desperately hope for an on-stage meltdown that we can view as GIFs come Monday morning, we'd like to thank the Academy for the 25 Weirdest Oscar Speeches of All Time.