You've seen the best horror films, comedies, romantic flicks, films featuring a Strong Female Lead, just overall best movies, and even the best TV shows streaming on Netflix right now. But sometimes, you don't want actors, at least in the traditional sense. You don't want manufactured dialogue either. You don't want to be mindlessly entertained. You want something real to engage with, something to offer an argument for you to turn over. You may just want a documentary.

You know documentaries, right? Those things featuring real people and problems; those things that don't have scripts? Don't let the lamestream media fool you—while there's a bit of a cliché that documentaries can't live up to the excitement of something like Die Hard, we'd like to beg to differ. Documentaries are often braver, more compelling modes of storytelling, even though most don't feature Bruce Willis. 

Netflix and documentary film isn't the most obvious and immediate association, but the site has done a pretty good job at collecting all kinds of documentaries over the year. Netflix has plenty, ranging from the well-known, critically-acclaimed Oscar nominees (see: The Act of Killing and How to Survive a Plague) to weirder, more niche fare that flew under the radar. Whether you want to listen to an inmate on death row, see which animals are the most venomous in the world, or watch a fashion photographer in action, the site has something for you. But it would help to have a guide to sort out the weaker flicks and bring forward the better ones. 

Here are the 25 Best Documentaries Streaming on Netflix Right Now. (This list is up to date as of March 16, 2016.)