Film: Happiness (1998)
Director: Todd Solandz
Stars: Jane Adams, Jon Lovitz, Philip Seymour Hoffman

There are many stories told in Todd Solandz's black comedy Happiness, and none of them are happy (get it?!). Whether you appreciate the film or not, you can't not react to the story of Bill Maplewood (Dylan Baker), a pedophile and father of three.

At the film's end, he tells his son Billy that he drugged and raped Billy's 11-year-old friend Johnny Grasso (Evan Silverberg). He also tells him about Ronald Farber, another young boy he raped.

The film shows you nothing; you only hear about it. But all the same, the father-son conversation is too much. Billy asks, "Would you ever fuck me?" His father replies, "No. I jerk off instead."—RS