Movie: Greenberg (2010)
Director: Noah Baumbach
Stars: Ben Stiller, Greta Gerwig, Rhys Ifans, Jennifer Jason Leigh

Noah Baumbach, director of The Squid and the Whale (also included here), knows something about uncomfortable sex. Early on in Greenberg, his underrated L.A. picture, the title character (played by Ben Stiller) meets up with Florence Marr (Greta Gerwig) for something resembling a date.

In a hurry, Greenberg turns it into a sexual encounter, dropping to his knees between Florence's legs for a little nice-to-meet-you cunnilingus. The viewers face, much like Florence's, flushes with embarrassment. Nothing about their interaction thus far has suggested that this is the right course of action. And yet Greenberg goes for it. Thankfully, Florence taps out, letting the viewer breathe a sigh of relief. —RS