Movie: Antichrist (2009)
Director: Lars von Trier
Stars: Willem Dafoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Lars von Trier has publicly stated that he made 2009's Antichrist in a state of deep personal depression—hence why he goes out of his way to convey extreme discomfort and a downbeat mood throughout a film about a husband and wife mourning the accidental death of their infant son. Willingly viewing Antichrist—which we highly recommend you do—is an artsy way of bashing your nerves into mush, without the physical exertion.

During Antichrist's darkest section, "He" (Willem Dafoe) and "She" (Charlotte Gainsbourg) hurt themselves and each other, but She takes the prize for the film's most unwatchable act of self-abuse. With a pair of rusty scissors in hand, She removes her clitoris during an intense round of masturbation. —MB