Bailon, Adrienne - Former member of the Cheetah Girls, and former girlfriend of Rob Kardashian. Caught major ether from the Kardashian sisters in the summer of 2014 after she told Latina magazine that Rob cheated on her and said, “To be stuck with that Kardashian label, that was so hurtful to me and to my career.” She hasn't been heard from since.

Balmain - One of the family's most repped designer labels. Made Kim Kardashian's second dress for her wedding with Kanye West.

BG5 - Abbreviation for the Beach Girl5, a girl group who wanted Kris Jenner to manage them in a side-plot on Season 5 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. After calling them amazing, Jenner then said, “I'm gonna have to just, um, pass.”

“Bible” - An oft-used phrase by the Kardashian family—mainly Khloe—which basically means, “I swear to God.” Used in a sentence: “I only do anal after a guy buys me a steak dinner. Bible.”

Blackface - An offensive form of theatrical makeup used by performers to depict a person of color. Became the focus of a Season 9 KUWTK episode when an Austrian comedian showed up to a Kim Kardashian-hosted event in blackface. The incident prompted Kris Jenner to explain what blackface is, while old clips of minstrel shows played awkwardly in the background.

“Bound 2” - Closing track of Kanye West's Yeezus, an ode to Kim Kardashian. Tribute was taken to the next level when Kardashian was featured in the song's video, riding naked on a motorcycle in front of a green screen with West.

The Buckley School - A K-12 college preparatory day school in Sherman Oaks, Calif. where both Rob and Kim Kardashian attended. Kylie Jenner did not attend, because she doesn't go to school is homeschooled.

Bush, Reggie - NFL running back, former boyfriend of Kim Kardashian. Once received a calendar of sexy photos from Kim, a gesture whose surprise was ruined when he showed up on set…and when the entire thing was filmed for a reality television show.