Network: Fox
Air Dates: September 23, 1990–March 8, 1992
Stars: Chris Elliott, Sam Robards, Robin Riker, Elinor Donahue, Bob Elliott

DVD copies of Get a Life are rare and, because of that, very hard to find, but we highly recommend that you hunt down the complete series box set. It's well worth the effort. Frankly, Get a Life defies comparisons to any other sitcoms, taking its slacker protagonist, 30-year-old paperboy Chris Peterson (played by underrated funnyman Chris Elliot), and turning his suburban life into a surreal collection of death scenes, strange encounters, and plotlines straight out of lunatic's nightmares.

In one episode, Chris becomes a food inspector after discovering a dead rat in a recently purchased milk carton; in another, he time travels and meets a two-headed zombie named after his best friend's unfriendly and insufferable wife. That's the kind of unconventional yet refreshing comedy you get when you have a writing staff that includes a pre-Being John Malkovich Charlie Kaufman and a pre-Mr. Show Bob Odenkirk. —MB