Network: HBO
Air Dates: October 15, 2000–present
Stars: Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines, Susie Essman

It's OK, you can admit it: Curb Your Enthusiasm is funnier than Seinfeld. Though the latter is regarded as television'sgreatest sitcoms, co-creator Larry David's HBO follow-up series has enhanced the proven Seinfeld formula (characters pissing people off in multiple, seemingly random storylines that somehow congeal together by the episode's end) by upping the ante. The humor is nastier (thanks, cable television), the situations more exaggerated, and, yes, David is a more interesting and likable lead than the blander Jerry Seinfeld.

LD's genius derives from a combination of no-fucks-given selfishness and an endearing aloofness to his rampant inappropriateness. If you were to meet TV alter-ego him in real life, you'd probably want to snuff David in the jaw, but, thankfully, Curb Your Enthusiasm is fiction. Hilarious fiction, at that. —MB