Misfitsis one of those shows that isn’t easily explained, but once you get into it, it’s extremely addictive. It's about a group of young people who, while performing community service at a community center in South East London, are all struck by lightning in a freak storm that leaves them with a variety of strange superpowers. Since they’re all incompetent, their powers are hardly used for good, and they end up leaving a rather large trail of dead people in their paths, mostly in the form of their many probation workers. But they’re good kids, though, really!

And they’re not the only ones who were left with powers in the storm, so often times they’re forced to save the day from mishaps due to others using their powers with not-so-good intentions. Throw in lots of dark, raunchy, sometimes disgusting humor, a tortured love story between the two most unlikely characters, and fabulous comedic relief provided by Joe Gilgun’s Rudy Wade, and you’ve got an interesting and highly entertaining show.