If there was ever a British version of 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon, it would be Miranda’s Miranda. Much like Liz is an incarnation of writer/creator Tina Fey, Miranda is created by the same woman who portrays her, Miranda Hart. Socially incompetent and hopeless when it comes to dating, joke shop owner Miranda is an excellent source of always-reliable cringe comedy. Miranda's funniest moments come from her general ineptness, to the point where the secondhand embarrassment would be uncomfortable if the show wasn’t so damn funny.

Miranda isn't your run-of-the-mill, silly sitcom, though. Unlike a lot of comedies which seem to be frightened of changing any dynamics between its main characters, Miranda, much like its star, doesn’t seem to care. In the current season, in fact, it actually seems like our heroine might have a shot at scoring romantically for once.

Even better: While many American sitcoms have the tendency to rely on the hot wife/schlubby husband trope, Miranda flips that on its back. She's not a conventionally attractive woman by any means, but she’s still managed to get a handsome man to fall in love with her, something that's unheard of in traditional sitcoms. Changing the game, one joke at a time—you've got to respect that.