And you thought Idris Elba was a beast on HBO's The Wire.

On Luther, he stars as the titular John Luther, a Detective Chief Inspector with London’s Metropolitan Police in the Serious Crimes Unit. Accordingly, he’s seen some serious shit that’s affected him in less than ideal ways—it’s all made him into someone who’s got a very distinct idea of what good and evil is, and he also operates in an extremely morally gray area.

Luther—tallying at 14 episodes over three seasons—sticks closely to Elba as he solves various crimes and deals with his inability to live a well-adjusted, normal life. It’s always refreshing when, as a viewer, you can tell that a TV show's producers aren’t underestimating the audience’s collective intelligence with hokey dialogue and lazy plot-lines. You’d be hard-pressed to find a character who's as compelling as the genius, paranoid, sociopathic, malignant narcissist Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson), especially when it comes to her dynamic with Luther. 

Although a fourth season won't happen, creator Neil Cross confirmed that a feature film is in the works.