Him & Her is described as a comedy about a “lazy, twenty something couple” that takes a look at love and life in its “messy, everyday glory.” We know what you’re thinking: It must be just like every other sitcom on TV ever. But we assure you—this is no Whitney.

Starring Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani as the main couple, Him & Her mainly follows their characters, Steve and Becky, and their eclectic group of friends. The show's formula for success is actually simplicity. It's similar to most British comedies in the sense that its plot isn’t extremely cohesive, making it easier to follow if you miss a few episodes here and there.

The jokes are tightly written, the episodes consistently entertain, and Joe Wilkinson’s portrayal of the couple’s creepy yet somehow still lovable neighbor, Dan, is one of the best things on any sitcom in ages.