Played By: Ricardo Montalbán
Movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

When Wrath of Khan hit theaters in 1982, the rage of the genetically-engineered sonofabitch had been building for 15 years. In 1967, in an episode of Star Trek entitled "Space Seed," Khan made his first appearance. His credentials: During the Eugenics wars of the '90s, the ruthless and powerful despot controlled an entire quarter of Earth.

After being thawed out of suspended animation by Kirk and Co., Khan gets back into his old shtick, trying to boss up and ruin worlds. His initial defeat sets the stage for his big-screen debut. This time around, his pecs were bigger, his hair was bigger, and he had Ceti eels at his disposal to control the minds of whomever he pleased.

Kirk still got him, though. You can hear Kirk's wrath in the film's most famous line of dialogue, which set down phonetically looks something like this: "KHAAAAAAN!" —RS