Played By: Frank Giering and Arno Frisch
Movie: Funny Games (1997)

If you've seen Michael Haneke's Amour, the non-English darling of the 2012 awards' season, you don't really know the angry Austrian. The riveting tenderness and humanity of that film? That's a recent development in an already impressive career.

For a look at the other side, proceed directly to 1997's Funny Games, an essay about film's easy violence disguised as a horror flick. Here's the movie: Two guys, Peter and Paul, enter the home of a bougie family and proceed to inflict terrible harm upon the wife, husband, child, and dog. It is a lesson to be inflicted on the viewer through long static takes and a couple of bold formal decisions that won't be spoiled here.

If you doubt the film's desire to instruct, or that Haneke had specific ideas about who needed teaching, know that one decade after the original's release, he made a shot-for-shot remake—in English. —RS