Played By: Dennis Hopper
Movie: Blue Velvet (1986)

Played by Dennis Hopper, Frank Booth is David Lynch's version of the bad guy you want to root for. Well, perhaps not root for, but you do appreciate him with each screening of Blue Velvet.

To be sure, the first viewing of the quintessential Lynch film is not fun times. It's traumatizing and disorienting. However, each successive viewing reveals more strange comedy, much of it coming from Hopper's ecstatic performance as a psychotic gangster who loves PBR, amyl nitrite when inhaled through a medical mask, and sexual terror.

Is there a more quotable character in Lynch's world? Nope. How many times have you knocked the Heineken from your friend's hand and shouted, "FUCK THAT SHIT!"? How many times have you asked your best friend to not be a good neighbor to your sister? How many times have you sent someone a lover letter? And by love letter, of course you meant "a bullet from a fucking gun, fucker." —RS