Played By: Rutger Hauer
Movie: Blade Runner (1982)

Roy Batty is a Tyrell Corporation Nexus-6 model replicant, fast, intelligent, and with real bruising capability. Also an excellent orator. He just wants to have a talk with his creator, as so many of us do, about why he has to die, the mean joke of mortality in an unjust, hostile world. Only, when Batty gets the chance to speak with god, he inserts his thumbs into his creator's face via the eye sockets, pushing the soft parts out of place.

It's an agonizing death he inflicts upon poor Mr. Tyrell, an egomaniac fond of plush robes. Is Batty the most sinister of villains? No, his struggle against death evokes too much sympathy. But heaven help you if you cross him. —RS