Seasons available: 1-3
Stars: Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Michael J. Harney, Michelle Hurst, Kate Mulgrew, Jason Biggs

If you want proof of how awesome this show is, consider this: Orange Is the New Black is more popular on Netflix than the latest season of Arrested Development. That's huge, considering the hysteria that preceeded Arrested Development's release. However, what sets this new series from Weeds' creator Jenji Kohan apart from the rest isn't just the numbers, it's also the refreshing plot and ethnically diverse cast.

Based on the Piper Kerman novel of the same name, OITNB follows a yuppie-turned-jailbird, incarcerated for her involvement in a drug ring, as she experiences life behind bars. What she discovers isn't simply the women-in-prison stereotype you' expect. Rather, she takes a liking to a vast array of big personalities that make the show both hilarious, heartfelt, and well worth a binge-watch.