Note: This list has been updated as of January 8, 2015. You're welcome.

The DVD/Blu-ray industry is really going to hate us. Complex blessed lazy, ass-glued-to-the-couch film lovers with an epic rundown of the 100 best movies streaming on Netflix right now, making life much easier for indecisive cinema indulgers stuck to their laptops. And, yes, helping people save the money they would've spent on discs they'd maybe watch once before relegating the DVDs to dust pile. But, as anyone familiar with Netflix should know, the extremely convenient website is just as clutch, possibly even more so, when it comes to television programs.

Finding time to catch up with numerous 90-minute flicks is one thing; working 13 hours' worth of TV goodness into one's busy schedule is almost impossible, and then multiply that times however many shows are on the must-watch itinerary. Courtesy of everyone's favorite all-access rental service, though, we can now all experience the best that the small screen has to offer, whenever we want, at our earliest convenience, and without the hassle of having to return borrowed DVD box sets to impatient friends.

To save you all the time of having to sift through the site's catalog, we've done it again, but this time it's The 50 Best TV Shows Streaming on Netflix Right Now. Your crowded, memory-free DVR box would thank us if it could.