Director: Stephen Giodo

According to some genre heads, Killer Klowns From Outer Spaceisn't all that bad of a movie; meant to be a dark, sci-fi comedy with horror undertones, director Stephen Giodo's campy pic never purports to be anything more than silly, so for that we can't knock the guy. But that doesn't justify Chiodo's deathly serious commentary track included in the movie's DVD, in which he recounts shooting scenes where alien clowns suck people's brains out with straws jammed into giant cotton candy balls with the pretentiousness of an art-house auteur.

So apparently the filmmakers thought they were creating high art, then? If so, Killer Klowns From Outer Space is an enormous miscalculation, rife with silly acting, marred by cheap special effects, and lacking in even one sympathetic character. Fortunately, the army of intergalactic, malevolent clowns is the film's main attraction-just try not to howl with applause when one of their young uppercuts a biker's head clean off his shoulders for smashing its tricycle.