Director: Pierre Morel

Last year, action movie fans were given a blast of ass-whooping adrenaline in the form of The Raid: Redemption, an endless series of relentlessly choreographed and performed fight sequences—and it's a knockout. Back in 2006, though, science fiction loyalists were treated to the same breed of kinetic energy and wonderfully overwrought action with Pierre Morel's slightly futuristic District B13, though there wasn't nearly as much fan-fare. Let's change that.

After a gang of drug-dealers steals a potentially devastating nuclear weapon, two men (a cop and a criminal) go on the warpath in hopes of retrieving the bomb before all of a Paris, not just the dangerous ghetto known as District B13, get blown to hell. And once the search mission begins (which doesn't take long, mind you), Morel (who followed this up with Taken) unleashes a mix of acrobatic stunts and bone-crunching violence never lets up.