Director: Christopher MacBride
Stars: Aaron Poole, James Gilbert

There's nothing better than when adventurous young filmmakers see an excellent yet tricky idea through to a satisfying end. That's one way to describe the viewing experience of watching Christopher MacBride's first-rate The Conspiracy, an engrossing faux documentary about a couple of filmmakers descending deeper and deeper into the world occupied by those who nervously believe in the Illuminati, 9/11 conspiracies, and other New World Order paranoias.

MacBride and company intriguingly use real-life theories and sources of investigation, namely The Tarsus Club and the Bohemian Grove rituals, to construct an airtight thriller that starts off as an investigative mystery before a third act where first-person horror takes over. In that final section, The Conspiracy pulls off that always complicated trick known as "the ambiguous ending," leaving viewers with plenty to think about and, depending on your tolerance for bizarro horse-face masks, even more to lose sleep over.