Director: Charles de Lauzirika
Stars: Josh Lawson, Emma Lung, Ron Perlman, Edward Furlong

Have you ever wanted to bash a talkative, obnoxious person's brains in during a lecture? Or wished you could annihilate a pair of young thugs harassing an innocent, cute chick on a subway train? If so, first-time director Charles de Lauzirika's hugely impressive Crave should hit close to home.

In a magnificent performance, actor Josh Lawson plays a crime scene photographer who daydreams about killing those who irritate him and gets involved with a much younger, and emotionally confused, neighbor (the adorable and charismatic Emma Lung). Through wonderful dialogue and rich characters, Crave mixes several genres—specifically psychological drama, romantic comedy, and violent noir—while also demonstrating that de Lauzirika is a fresh-voiced filmmaker to watch. The kinds of storytelling elegance and deviant imagination shown here aren't to be taken lightly.