Director: Ari Folman
Stars: Ari Folman

Few documentarians have have jumped at the idea of a feature-length political cartoon hitting theaters, but Israeli director Ari Folman pulled it off beautifully in Waltz With Bashir. Set during the 1982 Lebanon War, the movie recounts Folman's journey to regain the memories of that time period that he's since lost. As the film unfolds, bits and pieces come back to him as we are introduced to the horrors of war through the unique lens of animation.

If the animation on this project wasn't top-notch, Waltz With Bashir would'vd been nothing more than a bizarre project that further entrenched studios in the belief that cartoons are for kids; thankfully, every pained facial expression and emotion is expertly crafted here. Folman's memories are so visceral and heartbreaking that all preconceptions about animation are shattered. —JS