Director: Nick Park, Steve Box
Stars: Peter Saillis, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter

You simply can't be an animation aficionado and not know who Wallace and Gromit are. This loveable clay duo from across the pond is one of the best comedy teams in recent history, and their debut full-length film, Curse of the Were-Rabbit, is one of their finest outings yet. The movie focuses on Wallace and Gromit as they attempt to get to the bottom of a mysterious killer rabbit that's been terrorizing a small town.

What makes this movie work is its minimalist style. The claymation is beautiful without being flashy, and the jokes are served up extra dry, without a hint of bombast or exaggeration. Watching Wallace tinker with his ludicrous gadgets as Gromit just stares at him is a joy. Though CGI movies rule the box office, Curse of the Were-Rabbit proves that old school techniques can still turn us into kids. —JS