Season: 4
Air Date: 10/30/08

Every episode of Supernatural might as well take place on Halloween, but when the horror series finally decided to honor the holiday properly it did so in style, pitting the Winchester brothers against the demon of the day, literally.

"Great Pumpkin" finds Sam and Dean racing against the clock to stop centuries old witches from resurrecting Samhain, a fearsome demon infamous for unleashing terror and raising the dead on, you guessed it, All Hallow's Eve. If they fail, angels will smite the entire town, with Samhain and thousands of innocents along with it.

Of course, it's the rare Supernatural episode that allows itself to be 100% serious, so we're treated to Dean pigging out on candy and stunting on trick-or-treaters, as well as the amazing phrase "zombie-ghost orgy." And in the series' penchant for Final Destination style death scenes, there's scalding hot apple-bobbing water, and a razor blade-candy bar teaser that will make you look twice at every Snickers for the next week. It also continues the developing season four introduction to the angels, who are interestingly not presented as atypically righteous and good, but instead uncompromising assholes.