Season: 1
Air Date: 10/22/06

"Let's Give the Boy a Hand" is the fourth episode of the series, yet it already finds Dexter in something of an identity crisis, proof that Dexter was once an intelligent and provoking series before it devolved into a cable crime procedural during its middling middle seasons.

"Hand" finds the Ice Truck Killer continuing his courtship of Dexter on Halloween, attempting to provoke him into abandoning Harry's Code and embracing the inner monster. The episode also includes some nonsense involving Doakes (remember him?!) and the mob, proving that even in its best years Dexter always suffered from subplot affliction, but the episode is significant for the choice Dexter makes regarding a sacrificial lamb ITK has served up for him, and what it means for the series and the show going forward. Oh, and Rita (remember her?!) dresses up as Lara Croft for Dexter's—and our—viewing pleasure.