Season: 2
Air Date: 10/7/01

Larry David is a man with a specific set of social principles, a code not so impenetrable as the world around him would have him think. Is he an asshole, or is he right to refuse candy to two older teenage girls who have the audacity to go trick-or-treating sans costumes? Upholding the Halloween code-of-ethics has its consequences, when he and Cheryl wake up to see that the girls have retaliated by toilet papering their home, egging windows, and—the pièce de résistance—spray painting BALD ASSHOLE across his front door.

"Trick or Treat" also has Larry fending off advances from a friend's wife who mistook a harmless joke for a proposition, an obnoxious Jewish man who disapproves of his taste for German classical music, and a douchey director who claims his family invented the Cobb salad. In true Curb fashion, each subplot converges hilariously in the final minutes, with a rare case of Larry getting his revenge instead of getting played out.