Season: 2
Air Date: 10/28/10

It's not an episode of Community if there isn't an intelligently-executed riff on classic pop culture tropes, and for its second Halloween special, the Greendale gang is dropped right into a traditional zombie-B movie quarantine nightmare when Dean Pelton mistakenly orders a brain-numbing, zombifying virus along with the cheap military food reserves he purchased for his costume party.

All the plot mechanics of a genuine zombie movie are included, from the sacrificial decoy that allows his friend to escape straight down to the inevitable creepy cat that exists in every horror movie basement to startle the survivors walking through. Oh and the best of ABBA is playing on a loop of Pelton's iPod, the perfect score to frantic running scenes and chaotic melees.

Troy and Abed's amazing, Aliens-inspired Ripley and Alien dual costume is challenged only by Chang's Olympic ice skater getup, which he wears to deliberately bait the assumption that he's Michelle Kwan or Kristi Yamaguchi—he's Peggy Fleming, racists.