Given the title, you know exactly what’s going to go down when Cheryl tells Larry they’ll be attending a baby shower for friends who are expecting child via surrogate. The real delight from this episode comes from Larry and Lewis’ obsession with whether size matters. Lewis is currently dating a black woman (Garcelle Beauvais) for the first time, who's also the nurse to Larry’s physician. The mere sight of her performing a physical makes Larry’s heart rate go up, and his doofus doctor saddles him with a heart rate monitor as a result.

The bulky hindrance comes in handy when Larry unplugs it to feign heart attacks lest he get his ass kicked, most notably when Muggsy Bogues isn’t so flattered when he catches the Jewish comedians peeking in his urinal to settle their debate. Elsewhere, an ill-timed apology voicemail to David Schwimmer’s father results in an episode-ending ethering that’s so great it’ll almost make you forget Susie’s absence.