Standout Susie ether: “Wait 'til I get my hands on that goddamn Larry David, the four-eyed fuck, I’ll kill him!”

The holiday season finds Larry trying to do something nice for others but, naturally, his personality quickly poisons all potential goodwill. Christmas means Tipping Season for the rich, and Larry fucks up majorly—not once but twice. First he gives the gardener more money than the maid, then while making it rain on waiters in the country club, he gives one guy a tip twice. Both deny it, and all Larry can do is give them the Eye-to-Eye stare down.

That’s nothing compared to the L he takes in this installment of Larry vs. the In-Laws, when he tries to stow his Jewish indifference to Christmas by arranging a live Nativity scene at the house. When Cheryl and her family return, however, all they see is Joseph (David Koechner) and Larry wrestling on the ground after he makes a suggestive comment about the actress portraying Mary, because apparently the line between reality and method acting blurs when you bring the Virgin Mother into it.